You Can Negotiate Anything#

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Sinopsis & Review
Tajuk: You Can Negotiate Anything#

ISBN: 9789670015514
Penerbit: AcePremier Sdn Bhd
Penulis: Herb Cohen
Tahun Terbitan: 1984
Muka Surat: 223m/s 
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Format: paperback
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Herb Cohen believes the world is a giant negotiating table and, like it or not, you're a negotiator. Whether you're dealing with your spouse, boss, department store, bank manager, children, solicitor, or best friend - in every encounter with other people, negotiating is always taking place. And how well you handle those encounters determines whether you prosper happily or suffer frustration and loss. With his helpful and sensible approach Cohen shows that negotiating is a process you can understand and predict - and most importantly, that it's a practical skill you can learn and improve upon.