The Lofty Sunnah Of The Prophet Muhammad #

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Sinopsis & Review
Tajuk: The Lofty Sunnah Of The Prophet Muhammad
ISBN: 986051933894
Penerbit: Penerbitan Hayrat
Penulis: Badiuzzaman Said Nursi
Tahun Terbitan: 2018
Muka Surat: 124
Format: Softcover
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Dimensi (cm): 19.4 cm x 13.5 x 0.8 cm

This epistle introduces the reader to the Sunnah or "wont" of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. By emulating, both in word and action, the wisdom-practice of the Prophet SAW which preserved in writing every aspect of his conduct in every situation in life, the life and person of the believing Muslim acquire great blessedness and are able to achieve perfect harmony in both their spiritual and their material dimensions.


It brings the Prophetic Sunnah's spiritual courtesies and pearls of wisdom to light, treats the well-known but little-understood of bid'ah or "religious innovation", and guides the reader in his exploration of subtle aspects of the emulation of the Most Beloved of Allah SWT. Although only about fifteen pages long (in its original Ottoman Turkish print), its reality, according to its author, is of a profound sublimity greater than that of the vastest oceans, and a power that outshines the lights of the greatest stars. This classic epistle, a "jewel-like criterion", provides the reader with an ascending stairway to the Sunnah and an antidote to the sickness of innovation in religion.